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OA101 member-only 4 week online course

open access 101 badge logoOur inaugural (members only) OA101 course ran for 4 weeks from 23 May, 2022. 
The next course will run from 6 March 2023. Sign up here.
The course is a member benefit and is therefore free for anyone at an Open Access Australasia member institution to attend. 
It is targeted at professional staff who want to know more about the basics of Open Access. 
It is designed to be easy to fit in with other work commitments.

The course is all online and runs for 4 weeks, one module per week.

Each module takes approximately 1-2 hours and can be done in participants’ own time.

The interactive content will be live on the Open Access Australasia website behind a login which will be sent to participants ahead of the course starting.

Four experienced open access practitioners participating as course tutors will run a discussion forum on Slack for the duration of the course. 
Please share with your colleagues and ask them to sign up individually on this google form here 
We are very much looking forward to running the course!
Course outline below:
Module A: The Basics
  1. Open access terminology
  2. Open access history
  3. Open repositories and why they are important
  4. Article versions
  5. Full open access vs restricted access journals

Module B: Practical OA

  1. The FAIR and CARE principles
  2. Research Funders
  3. Creative Commons Licenses
  4. Transformative agreements
  5. A Researcher’s Perspective
  6. Publishing Open

Module C: Communicating OA

  1. OA Landscape
  2. Strategies for Open Access Advocacy
  3. Communicating with Content

Module D: OA and Beyond

  1. Communities and groups
  2. Open access controversy
  3. Open access vs open science