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April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021: what’s in this issue

What’s new in OA & scholarly publishing in AU & NZ 
What’s new in OA & scholarly publishing globally
Recent writing & resources on OA
Upcoming events in OA & scholarly publishing
We’re delighted to share our new name – Open Access Australasia – along with a new logo and website to go with it. We believe this new name reflects our ambition to be inclusive of all approaches to furthering open access within the region. We encourage you to explore our resources and the directories. We welcome any comments or updates. Read more.

Open Access Australia’s Chair Martin Borchert & Director Ginny Barbour will be presenters and panelists at the Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum next month. See the short video preview and Register here.
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What’s new in OA & scholarly publishing in AU & NZ

Proposed OA policy change for NHMRC
Australia’s NHMRC is proposing changing its policy to ensure all of its funded research articles are open access.  By proposing this change, the NHMRC is adopting the same leadership role that other funders globally, especially health funders, have taken.  We encourage you to submit your own feedback to the proposed change, which is is due by 5pm AEST 5 May. We blogged about this here.  Find the NHMRC proposal here.

OA importance for Teaching & Learning
Nice article in Campus Morning Mail  by Tracy Creagh from QUT about the importance of open access, especially university-supported open access journals and the willingness of academic institutions to recognise the value of increasing dissemination via platforms without paywalls.


What’s new in OA & scholarly publishing globally


General News

Next stage of UNESCO recommendations on Open science
Intergovernmental special committee meeting related to the draft UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science will be held online, 6-7 and 10-12 May 2021 Read more

Launch of EC’s OA platform
The  European Commission has officially launched Open Research Europe, the open access publishing platform for scientific articles that present the results of research funded by Horizon 2020, and soon Horizon Europe. See more

Open Access button now OA. Works 
The library-owned non-profit tool maker Open Access Button has changed its name to OA.Works and expanded its activities. Their free open-source tools help make open access easy & equitable. Their tools include  ShareYourPaper.org,  InstantILL and Open Access Button.

UK police force issues warning about Sci_Hub
The City of London Police have issued a warning about Sci-Hub, saying that “We would urge people to not use Sci Hub, as doing so could pose a threat to their personal information and devices.” Read more

Concerns about library vendors harvesting information
SPARC have highlighted how “major library vendors—RELX and Thomson Reuters—have been building sophisticated, global systems of surveillance that include online tracking technologies, massive aggregation of user data, and the sale of services based on this tracking, including to governments and law enforcement.” Read more

IFLA launches the Global Library Publishing Map
This map documents library publishing activities among IFLA’s global membership. Read more

Plan S

Plan S open letter to researchers on the Rights Retention Strategy & publisher equivocation
The letter describes how some subscription publishers have recently put in place practices which may attempt to prevent cOAlition S funded researchers from exercising their right to make their author accepted manuscript open access immediately on publication in alignment with the rights retention strategy. Read more

Myth Busting session on RSS
Jisc is running a “myth busting” session on the plan’s Rights Retention Strategy next month. Read more

cOAlition S and hybrid journals
A short briefing highlights why why cOAlition S Organisations will not financially support the hybrid model of publishing. Read more

Support for the Subscribe to Open Model
cOAlition S  has written in support of this model of open access, noting that “Using existing budget and subscription processes without imposing paywalls, S2O provides a rapid route to open access that is applicable to research from all disciplines and all countries.” Read more


OA Books report published  
Academic Libraries and Open Access Books in Europe : A Landscape Study report from OPERAS. Read here


Milestone for LibriVox
LibriVox is a free public domain repository for audiobooks which are made available by volunteers who read, proof listen and help out with with technology. The catalogue has almost 2000 projects in 43 languages. Read more  

Recent writing & resources on OA + COVID 

Why open science is critical to combating COVID-19: OECD Policy Responses to COVID-19 

What we’re reading 

No Publication Favelas! Latin America’s Vision for Open Access By Monica Berger 

Why I Won’t Review or Write for Elsevier and Other Commercial Scientific Journals [The Wire Science] By 
T.R. Shankar Raman

Unsub: Part 1: From Big Deals to Real Deals for Academic Publishing & Libraries By Nancy K Herther

Scholarly Communication and Scholarly Publishing by Jean-Claude Guédon

Upcoming events in OA & scholarly publishing


Society for Scholarly Publishing’s 43rd Annual Meeting May 2021

SSP annual meeting

Open Repositories 2021
June 7-10


LIBER 2021 Online Conference  

June 23-25

LIBER conference logo

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