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Kicking off OA advocacy in 2022: Resources for OA advocates to use and adapt

This time of year is often filled with preparation for orientation and introduction to your library and services. The prospect of having to create an array of interesting and eye-catching resources (both physical and online) can be overwhelming. Open Access Australasia is here to help! 

You can view, download and adapt the resources all from one page and learn how to adapt the resources via our YouTube channel.

‘Business Card Recommendations’

The Business Card Recommendations is a great in-person resource to use while chatting with a researcher or student at an orientation stall or in an appointment. This resource uses QR codes to provide quick, direct access to websites that should be frequently used by your audience.

In 2021 we used this resource at our ResBaz QLD stall and chose the Open Access Australasia homepage and the Creative Commons/choose page as our QR Codes. You might like to create a QR Code that links to your library webpage, publishing guides or booking pages, depending on your audience. As the researcher asks questions, explains their topic and stage of research, jot down a few relevant recommendations such as websites, databases, projects, social media accounts, fellow researchers or your own contact details. This individualised support will make a great first impression.

Tweak the Business Card Recommendations resource to become an online resource, by adding images and using hyperlinks instead of QR Codes. This version could then be added to  your email signature, to a LibGuide or library social media.

‘DIY OA Badges’

The DIY OA Badges were a hit at ResBaz 2021! We created a variety of designs that featured our love for Open Access, Open Access Australasia, Open Educational Resources, Creative Commons and CC BY Licenses. These designs were printed out and pre-made into badges for our visitors to take with them after visiting our stall. If your library owns a badge maker it can be a fun activity to bring it along to your stall and have visitors make their own. 

Badges are rather physical items, however, you can make these designs online friendly! Why not adapt the badges into a set of Zoom backgrounds for you and your colleagues and share them with your researchers. You could use a badge design as a Twitter profile image for a while or simply upload the image along with a tweet (don’t forget to tag us – @openaccess_anz). 

Alternatively, if you are posting out any physical resources or welcome packs you could add in a badge!


‘OA at a Glance Flyer’

Our OA at a Glance Flyer covers the essential information: what, where, why and getting help with open access. It is intentionally simple and is perfect for a researcher or student who is new to open access, and is also a great reminder to us as open access practitioners of essential concepts. Often we can get caught up in the minutia of open access and end up confusing our audience. This resource brings open access back to the basics. We highly encourage you to adapt this resource to give your audiences the best information for how to get help because of course, you are their first port of call. 

If you are adapting this resource to an online only audience make sure you swap out QR Codes for hyperlinked text or images. Hyperlinks provide a better user experience when working on a computer or phone. 

We would love to hear how you use and adapt these resources: let us know by tagging us on Twitter @openaccess_anz or emailing us at info@oaaustralasia.org