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Open Access Toolkit for Aotearoa New Zealand Researchers

The toolkit is designed to guide researchers through the process of making their journal articles Open Access.

A page from the OA toolkit showing the section called planning your research with a diagram, a checklist and tips and tricks

Open Access Toolkit for Aotearoa New Zealand Researchers

Kia ora, and welcome to the Open Access Toolkit for Aotearoa New Zealand Researchers. This toolkit was created under the direction of the Council of Aotearoa New Zealand University Librarians (CONZUL), a committee of Universities New Zealand. It is designed for researchers in Aotearoa New Zealand’s university sector. However, we hope all researchers and institutions will find it useful. The Creative Commons license used (CC BY-SA) enables our toolkit to be adapted for any context. Happy open publishing!

The toolkit is designed to guide researchers through the process of making their journal articles Open Access. It is split into five stages of publishing: 

  • Planning your research 
  • Selecting a journal
  • Submitting your manuscript
  • On acceptance
  • After publication

How to use this toolkit – for researchers

Two complete versions of this toolkit are available here as a free download: 

  1. Institution-neutral, infographic version 
  2. Institution-neutral, screen reader-friendly version

Each stage consists of three sections:  

  • Infographic: guides you through the main questions you need to consider at this stage and links to supporting resources that can help your decision making. 
  • Tips & Tricks: offers golden nuggets of helpful advice mined from the brains of the ten research librarians who collectively authored this toolkit. 
  • Checklist: provides a straightforward list of things to do or know before proceeding to the next stage. The items on the checklist relate directly to the content and guidance in the other two sections on that page. If you need more information about a checklist item, you can find supporting content on the same page.

These versions of the OA Toolkit contain links to support resources from a variety of different institutions and organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand. Your institution may have customised versions of the toolkit that link to support resources from your institution – check with your library.

Please note: If you are printing pages from this toolkit, select “Fit to page” in your print settings to ensure no elements are cut off on the printout. The A4 PDF scales up nicely to A3 if you want a poster-sized printout.

Reuse, sharing & citation

You may use and share this toolkit in any form, print or digital, for free. Please use the following attribution when you do so: 

CONZUL/Universities New Zealand. (2024). Open Access Toolkit for Aotearoa New Zealand Researchers. Available online at https://oaaustralasia.org/open-access-toolkit-for-aotearoa-new-zealand-researchers/  DOI: https://doi.org/10.24135/oatoolkitnz

How to use this toolkit – for institutions  

This toolkit has been designed as free templates that will allow you to adapt the content to align with your institution’s Open Access strategy and promote your institution’s support resources. There are two templates available for modification: 

  1. Infographic version template (Canva)
  2. Screen reader version template (Word)

In the Canva template, all content in RED is placeholder content. Replace this red content with your institution’s content. There should not be any red content left on the final version you share with your researchers. In the Word template, all placeholder content has been placed in <angle brackets>.

Please note: You must make a free Canva account before you can use the infographic template. If you need help learning to use the Canva platform or sharing/printing your toolkit, please visit the Canva Help Center

Template reuse, sharing and attribution

These templates are freely and openly available for anyone to adapt and use under a CC BY-SA license. This means that you may use, share and adapt all of the content within this toolkit for free and in any way that you wish, but you must attribute CONZUL/Universities New Zealand as the original author of the work. If you change or adapt the toolkit in any way, you must also apply the CC BY-SA license to anything you create that is based off of the original content. Go to the CC BY-SA license page at Creative Commons for more information. 

If you use these templates, please use the following attribution: Modified from the Open Access Toolkit for Aotearoa New Zealand Researchers CC BY-SA CONZUL/Universities New Zealand 2024. This version is CC BY-SA <your institution and year>. This version, and the original, are freely available for reuse under a CC BY-SA license. 

Toolkit review and updates

The toolkit will be reviewed and updated by the project team every six months. 

Next review date: July 2024